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How long do I have to wait for my swing and cushions to arrive?
Our current lead time for Swings and Daybeds is 11-12 weeks. Cushions are currently only taking 5-6 weeks, but we will coordinate similar arrival times if you are purchasing a complete package.
Can I hang my swing from 2 points instead of 4?
Yes you can. Just keep in mind the weight limit will only be 640 lbs with a 2-point ceiling connection. With a 4-point ceiling connection, your weight limit would be 1280 lbs. Each of our ceiling hook
Can I order Sunbrella samples before I place my order?
Yes you can! Please order your Sunbrella samples at . All samples are $3 each. View ALL of our fabric options at
Do you have a showroom where I can see swing beds in person?
Yes! We just opened a new showroom in Mount Pleasant, SC. Contact or 843-607-3024 to schedule an appointment. Design Center Showroom: 732 S. Shelmore Village Suite 102 Mount Ple
Do you have swings in stock that can ship immediately?
We do occasionally have swings in stock from canceled orders or color mistakes in production. Contact for information on what’s available. Mattresses are only available for cu
Do you make custom size swing beds and porch beds?
YES! We can make any size swing or porch bed to fit your space. Since every item is built custom per client, we can tailor the size to fit exactly. The cushions are also made-to-order, so we can custo
Do you offer onsite consultations?
We do offer onsite consultations for Charleston, SC locals. If you are located outside of Charleston, SC, you can simply measure your porch (width and depth) and send us a photo along with those measu
How do I adjust the height of my swing bed if the rope has settled?
Please note that 1”-1.5" rope may settle and stretch more over time than 3/4" rope, meaning that you may need to adjust your swing bed periodically. To adjust your swing, simply lift up on both side
How do I decide which rope thickness to buy?
We provide manila rope at two different thicknesses: 3/4” diameter and 1” diameter. The 1” gives a much more substantial look since it is thicker. However, please note that 1” may settle and s
How do I install my swing bed?
We always recommend that a licensed, general contractor hang your swing bed for you. Preferably a contractor with home-building experience. We provide installation services for a flat rate of $275 in
How do I know if my ceiling will support a swing bed?
First and foremost, we always suggest having a general contractor look at your ceiling to evaluate where the joists are located and guarantee structural support. Almost all ceilings are built with som
How do I tie a knot in the rope?
A standard knot is the best knot to use at the base (or below) the swing bed. Just a standard single knot -- pull the knots tightly, and then the weight of the swing bed will further tighten the knots
How much clearance is needed on all sides of a swing bed?
Please allow at least one foot of clearance on all sides, including the back. You will want to leave additional room in front of the swing so that you can easily walk up to sit down. If you have room
Is all hanging hardware included?
All hanging hardware is included with the purchase of one of our hanging options (rope, chain, and/or s-hooks). If you purchase the swing only, without rope/chain/s-hooks, you will not receive ceiling
What are the different mattress sizes and outer dimensions of each swing bed?
A crib mattress is 28”x52”. A twin mattress is 39”x75”. A full mattress is 54”x75”. A queen mattress is 60”x80”. A king mattress is 76”x80”. The outer dimensions of each swing bed
What are the outdoor cushions made of and how do I clean my fabric? Do we sell just the Sunbrella cushion covers?
Our outdoor cushions are made of densified polyester and Dacron to resist mold, mildew and bacteria growth. Our cushions are 100% outdoor durable with an open-cell technology to release water. A norma
What fabric colors and patterns do you offer?
FABRIC OPTIONS All of our fabric options are labeled Indoor, Outdoor, or Indoor/Outdoor. For most of our swings and daybeds, you will be choosing from either the Outdoor category or Indoor/Outdoor ca
What is the weight limit?
Our ceiling hooks are rated for 320 lbs each, for a total weight limit of 1280 lbs when hanging from 4 points. If you choose to hang your swing from 2 points only, the weight limit will be half at 640
What paint colors and stain colors are available? And on what types of wood?
Our weathered finishes are beautiful and unique. If you’d like to see a few photo examples of a certain finish, feel free to email . VIEW MINWAX STAINS VIEW CABOT STAINS VIEW
Which type of wood should I choose?
We offer pressure-treated, kiln dried pine, cedar and teak. Pine is best for our budget-conscious clients and looks best in a vintage finish. We can also do a solid paint on pine or a solid stain if y