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How do I adjust the height of my swing bed if the rope has settled? (click here for entire answer)
Last Updated: 09/01/2020
Please note that 1”-1.5" rope may settle and stretch more over time than 3/4" rope, meaning that you may need to adjust your swing bed periodically. To adjust your swing, simply lift up on both sides of the swing and place a 5-gallon bucket underneath the right side of the swing, and another 5-gallon bucket underneath the left side of the swing. You may also use a different sturdy prop underneath the base of the bed to release all weight from the ropes if 5-gallon buckets are not readily available. Once the swing's weight is fully supported by the buckets, and not the rope, un-tie each knot. After the knots are un-tied, pull the rope tight and re-tie each knot at a higher location than before. Once all 4 knots are re-tied, you can lift up on the swing and remove the buckets, letting the swing hang freely again. To tighten the knots further, press down on each side of the swing bed to level out both sides.

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