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Which type of wood should I choose?
Last Updated: 04/08/2017
We offer pressure-treated, kiln dried pine, cedar and teak. Pine is best for our budget-conscious clients and looks best in a vintage finish. We can also do a solid paint on pine or a solid stain if you’re okay that it may appear rustic after a few years outdoors. Pine does have the tendency to warp over time, which is why we suggest it mainly for a rustic look. Cedar is a soft wood that does not warp. Many houses up North are made of cedar to withstand the snow and rainfall. Cedar looks beautiful bare (to gray naturally over time), or with a clearcoat to preserve the original wood color, or stained in a Minwax, Rustoleum, or Cabot branded stain, or painted solid for a supreme look (choose A-grade cedar if you plan to have a solid paint color). Teak is our mack-daddy wood choice. Teak will last outdoors for 15+ years, and looks amazing left bare or hand-oiled. Teak does not warp and it is a very hard wood.

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