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How do I install my swing bed? (click here for entire answer)
Last Updated: 09/01/2020
We always recommend that a licensed, general contractor hang your swing bed for you. Preferably a contractor with home-building experience. We provide installation services for a flat rate of $275 in SC, some parts of NC, and some parts of GA.

First you will locate all of your joists/support beams and measure out the best way to hang your swing bed based on where the ropes/chains will be coming out of the swing. Please note: We can provide you with a diagram beforehand with all measurements if you'd like to pre-plan your installation. Once you've located your joists, then you will pre-drill all holes for the ceiling eye hooks:

Next, screw in the eye hooks provided. This will require a screwdriver or special tool to give you some leverage, as it should require some force to get these screwed in tightly. If they are going in very easily, you probably have not hit the joists and this would result in an unstable swing to sit on.


Tools Needed:

  • Drill
  • 5 Gallon Buckets
  • Hooks provided and corresponding size drill bit (5/16") to pre-drill holes

For specific swing dimensions and spacing on where to install hooks, please email for a diagram. She will need to know your swing design and size.

Step 1.

Figure out where you want to hang your swing and locate the ceiling joists (studs) that line up closest to the rope hole dimensions of your swing. Most ceiling joists will not line up perfectly with the swing hole points, this is normal. In other words when the holes on the swing are spaced at 84 inches apart, the closest joists will likely be spaced at 80” or 96” apart. You can either choose to have your ropes angle out, or very slightly in (neither will affect the functionality of the swing). 80" is much closer to 84", so your rope angle won't be noticeable at all. That would be the option we'd suggest if this exact scenario is your option.

Step 2.

Pre-drill a hole in the center of the joist (if you have a ceiling or cannot access the joists, please contact a licensed contractor or handyman to install your hooks)

how to tie rope for bed swing

Step 3.

Install all 4 of your lag screw eyes (or 2 if you are hanging from only 2 points -- in most cases not suggested).

lag screw hook to hang bed swing

Step 4.

Tie a standard knot through the hook. BE SURE TO PUT AS MUCH WEIGHT ON THIS AS POSSIBLE (Swing from it if you have to). You can also view other knot options at

how to hang a bedrope knot to hang bed swingrope knot to hang bed swing from porch ceilingknot to hang bed swing from ceiling

Step 5.

If you are using our 1.5" Black Rope or CHAIN, you will simply attach the rope/chain to the shackle/quick links provided and then attach to the ceiling eye screw.

Step 6.

Place the swing on a 5 gallon buckets to raise it off of the ground and make it easier to attach the chain and/or tie on the rope. If your swing design has holes running through the arm rest and base, run the rope through the holes of the swing and tie a standard knot. BE SURE TO TIE THE KNOT AS CLOSE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SWING AS POSSIBLE. This will ensure that the swing does not fall too far down once the knot tighten.

If your swing has attached hooks, you will attach the chain and/or tie the rope directly to the swing hooks.

rope knot to hang bed swingrope knot for bed swinghanging a bed from porch ceilingknot to tie for rope swingrope knot to hang bed swing

Step 7.

SKIP THIS STEP WITH OUR 1.5" Black Rope and Chain.

Put as much weight on each corner as possible to tighten down the rope knot (only do this step if you are using our manila rope without chain).

how to set bed swing

Step 8.

SKIP THIS STEP WITH OUR 1.5" Black Rope and Manila Rope.

Now you can easily adjust the height of your swing by moving the quick link to the chain link above or below on all 4 corners until desired height is achieved. Cut off excess chain with bolt/chain cutters. These are typically about $25 from Lowe's.

Step 9.

When using our Manila Rope, remove any electrical tape at the end of the rope and cut the rope to a desired length. You can choose to fray the rope ends, tie them up, or any other decorative trick. Be creative! Send us a photo of your masterpiece.

Step 10.

Sit back and start Swinging!

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