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S-HOOKS4   4 Steel S-Hooks + Chain Package
S-HOOKS8   8 Steel S-Hooks + Chain Package
CRIB-PACKAGE   CRIB SIZE Mattress & Pillow Package
MT-SWING-PKG   Crib-Size "Midtown" Swing Package
CRIB-MATTRESS   CUSTOM Crib-Size 28x52 Outdoor Mattress
FULL-MATTRESS   CUSTOM Full-Size 54x75 Outdoor Mattress
KING-MATTRESS   CUSTOM King-Size 76x80 Outdoor Mattress
QUEEN-MATTRESS   CUSTOM Queen-Size 60x80 Outdoor Mattress
TWIN-MATTRESS1   CUSTOM Twin-Size 39x75 Outdoor Mattress
SAMPLE   Fabric Sample
HGTV-PKG   HGTV Magazine Swing Bed Package
INSTALL   Local Swing Bed Installation
MP-PACKAGE1   Mattress & Pillow Package #1
MP-PACKAGE2   Mattress & Pillow Package #2
MP-PACKAGE3   Mattress & Pillow Package #3
MP-PACKAGE4   Mattress & Pillow Package #4
SB-BOLSTER   Outdoor Bolsters
SQ-PILLOWS   Outdoor Square Pillows
CH-SWING   The "Charlotte" Swing Bed
CH-SWING-PKG   The "Charlotte" Swing Bed Package
CR-SWING   The "Cooper River" Swing Bed
DI-SWING   The "Daniel Island" Swing Bed
DI-SWING-PKG   The "Daniel Island" Swing Bed Package
I-SWING   The "Ion" Swing Bed
ION-SWING-PKG   The "Ion" Swing Bed Package
MT-SWING   The "Midtown" Swing Bed
MCR-SWING   The "Modified Cooper River" Swing Bed
M-SWING   The "Moultrie" Swing Bed
PW-SWING   The "Park West" Swing Bed
P-SWING   The "Peninsula" Swing Bed
P-SWING-PKG   The "Peninsula" Swing Bed Package
R-SWING   The "Ravenel" Swing Bed
RT-SWING   The "Rivertowne" Swing Bed
RT-PKG   The "Rivertowne" Swing Bed Package
SI-BED   The "Sullivan's Island" Indoor/Outdoor Bed
SI-SWING   The "Sullivan's Island" Swing Bed
WA-SWING   The "West Ashley" Swing Bed
WA-SWING-PKG   The "West Ashley" Swing Bed Package
WD-BED   The "Wild Dunes" Indoor/Outdoor Bed
WM-SWING   The "Windermere" Swing Bed
WM-SWING-PKG   The "Windermere" Swing Bed Package
MM-SWING   The Modified "Midtown" Swing Bed (as seen in Paisley)
T2   Unisex LC Swingbeds T-SHIRT in Royal Frost
T1   Unisex LC Swingbeds T-SHIRT in Turquoise Frost

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