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How do I know if my ceiling will support a swing bed? (click here for entire answer)
Last Updated: 09/01/2020
First and foremost, we always suggest having a general contractor look at your ceiling to evaluate where the joists are located and guarantee structural support. Almost all ceilings are built with some kind of support beam and/or joist system in place. As long as you can locate those joists and determine if the dimensions of the swing bed match up with where you'd like to place it, you shouldn't have any problems. We do recommend that a general contractor hang the swing for you as well. Always remember that we can make a swing in any size to work with the configuration of your support system.

If your support beams do not coincide perfectly with where you'd like your swing to hang, and you don't know exactly what size swing will work, we can offer ceiling brackets. The brackets would be attached to the outside of your ceiling and connect to your support beams wherever they are located. This bracket can then be used to secure your swing hooks. This allows you to place your swing wherever you'd like and ensure the ropes/chains will hang completely straight up and down. See video of bracket attachment for further clarification:

How does this look afterwards?

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