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What are the outdoor cushions made of and how do I clean my fabric? Do we sell just the Sunbrella cushion covers? (click here for entire answer)
Last Updated: 04/27/2021
Our outdoor cushions are made of densified polyester and Dacron to resist mold, mildew and bacteria growth. Our cushions are 100% outdoor durable with an open-cell technology to release water. A normal store-bought mattress is not outdoor durable and will mildew very quickly. We suggest at a minimum, purchasing an outdoor mattress with all of our swings. We cannot be held responsible for mattresses/cushions bought elsewhere, or how they affect the condition of the swing’s wood.

Our cushions come with a 1-year warranty. All cushion covers are zippered on. However, the best way to wash your cushions is with a little soap and a hose set on the hard setting. Then simply let the cushions dry in the sun. For stubborn stains, you can actually use a small amount of bleach. Sunbrella/Outdura fabrics are all bleachable, even dark colors are colorfast. Lastly, you can always wash your cushion covers by removing them, zippering them closed before washing, and laying them flat to dry.

Obviously white and light colors may show dirt quicker than other colors. Choose based on your personal preference.

Additional Information:
1. They are 100% outdoor durable with an open cell technology to allow water to pass through.
2. They are made of a polyester blend and Dacron to prevent mold, mildew and bacteria growth.
3. All of our cushions include a zippered fabric cover in the color/pattern of your choice. Piping/welting can be chosen in any color as well (even a contrasting color if preferred). Or you can choose no piping/welting for a more modern look.
4. All of our fabrics are the same price despite any cost per yard you might see. Piping/welting does not cost extra.
5. We have 1000’s of fabrics to choose from. We offer anything from the Sunbrella Elements line:
or Outdura's OV3 line: (on a shorter lead time compared to Sunbrella)
6. We have our top 50 color choices within the drop down menus listed under each cushion item.
7. We do not sell just the covers for a few different reasons: • A cover alone does not make the cushion outdoor durable. • A normal mattress is not outdoor durable and will mildew very quickly. • Our covers never seem to fit properly onto normal mattresses or inserts bought elsewhere. • It’s not cost effective to buy the mattress insert and cover separately. Our covers carry most of the cost.

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