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What fabric colors and patterns do you offer?
Last Updated: 01/24/2018

All of our fabric options are labeled Indoor, Outdoor, or Indoor/Outdoor. For most of our swings and daybeds, you will be choosing from either the Outdoor category or Indoor/Outdoor category (which means the fabric is outdoor-durable, and can also be used indoors because no harsh chemicals emit). Take your time, review all fabric options, and please let us know if you'd like to receive a few samples.

Additionally, most local fabric stores carry the Sunbrella and Outdura fabric books if you prefer to look through hundreds of fabric options in person.

We no longer accept Customer Owned Material as our volume has increased to the point of not being able to manage multiple custom requests and fabric shipments. Please choose from the 1000's of fabrics that we do offer. You are able to mix and match as much as you please.

If COM is the only possibility, there will be a 10% upcharge for handling and production planning.

Thanks so much!

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