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Do you have a showroom where I can see swing beds in person?
Last Updated: 01/15/2019
We no longer have a showroom in Mount Pleasant, SC. We recently transitioned our entire warehouse into a production facility based on our consistently increasing demand. However, you can see swing beds around town! The Woodhouse Day Spa on Johnnie Dodds Boulevard (in Mount Pleasant, SC) has one of our "Windermere" swing beds hanging outside on their veranda. There is also a "Modified Midtown" swing bed hanging inside Paisley clothing store in Daniel Island, SC. When you're visiting these businesses, take some time to look around, make an appointment, buy a dress, etc!

We no longer accept customer visits to our production facility/woodshop due to liability reasons. However, we are happy to schedule an onsite visit to your home for measurements, to show fabric options in person, and provide wood samples. Please call 843-607-3924 to schedule an onsite visit. Onsite visits are limited to local clients only.

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