Lowcountry Swing Beds

Owner: Claire Huff

Mastering the Art of Outdoor Living & Design.

A team of 4 woodworking artisans and owner, Claire Huff, are changing the vision on outdoor living and design.

Claire founded Lowcountry Swing Beds in 2012 with a background in manufacturing, production planning, and target marketing. "The idea of having something man-made, built right here in the U.S.A., and customized to your particular style and vision is something people get really excited about!"

Claire's journey began in 2012, but has risen to the top in only a short 8 years. Featured on the cover of HGTV Magazine in 2015 and 2019, Lowcountry Swing Beds has received an overwhelming amount of recognition. "I'm glad that we are now in a position to offer swings, donations, and participation on a higher level with local charities. Lowcountry Swing Beds is becoming exactly what I had hoped for. It's truly a life-long dream to be a successful business owner." - Claire

Other accomplishments include additional features in HGTV magazine, Southern California LIFE magazine, Elle Decor, Design Bureau, Charleston Magazine, Indulge Magazine, Unveiled, Clientele Luxury Magazine, and Maine Home & Design to name a few. Lowcountry Swing Beds also received the "Best of Houzz 2014" award and several spotlights on Etsy.com.

Lowcountry Swing Beds has a collection of nearly 20 designs between swing beds, porch beds, daybeds, couches and sectionals. In addition, the company offers personalized customization. This allows each client to have a tailored design, whether it be a custom size, custom paint selection or wood preference.

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